Marina Panorama Residences – Mr Nehme Nicolas Yazigi

It was indeed a sound investment decision made based on various factors: 1- Africanos came highly recommended by 2 different reliable and trustworthy sources (one of them is a satisfied existing customer of Africanos) 2- the location choice was excellent in a fast-growing area 3- the investment appreciation ratio was excellent, actually the return on investment was far better of any other in a short span of time 4-the quality of the finished product exceeded my expectations 5- through the whole process the Africanos team showed a genuine and professional approach from the initial introduction meeting to the customer relations to the delivery of the apartment which by the way happened much earlier than the set deadline. In short, my experience with Africanos as a Company and personnel was more than satisfactory and will definitely repeat it. Doing business with a trustworthy reliable and respectable business partner is a rare currency in these days.